Sonic Toothbrushes

Using high-frequency brush movements and 3-speed settings, our Sonic Toothbrushes provide a personalised, deep-cleaning action in just 2 minutes.
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Created by Dentists

90% of dentists recommend a Sonic Toothbrush. Nothing delivers a better at-home clean."

Dr. Lisa & Dr. Vanessa
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Sonic Toothbrushes

Personalised, professional cleaning in just 2 minutes

Gentle and effective in removing plaque & stains
• 2-minute self-timer
3-speed settings to suit all needs
• Helps maintain whitening
• Long-lasting battery
• 3 heads included
• Protective travel case included

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Are they really worth the hype?

Steps for perfect brushing

Choose your Mode

The toothbrush has 3 cleaning modes:
Sensitive for gentle care
Clean for cleaning and teeth protection
White for intense surface stain removal

Clean for 2 minutes

Place the toothbrush head on the area where the tooth meets the gum at a 45 degree angle. The 2-minute self-timer will count you down.

Enjoy a professional clean at home!

We recommend brushing your teeth and gums twice a day for two minutes, even if your teeth feel clean after one!