Kids Care Bundle + FREE Brushing Chart


For a limited time only, we are offering a FREE Kids Brushing Chart with our Spotlight Oral Care Kids Care Bundle!

When children establish a great brushing routine, it’s the first step towards a positive, lifelong relationship with their oral health and their smile. 

Our special brushing charts have been created by dentists and are 100% recyclable, perfect to help make brushing teeth and gums fun! 

With just 50 charts available, get yours now!

Our Kids Care Bundles includes our 5-pack of Bamboo Toothbrushes and our Toothpaste for Children. Our Kids Care Bundle is a lovely gift to let any child know that you’re thinking of them during these times when we may not be able to see them. It’s also a great time to spend an extra couple of minutes each morning and night practising good brushing habits. It’s really important that we take good care of our oral health as it affects our overall health. Using clean and clinically proven products and creating good brushing habits is a great skill to teach your child.

Bamboo Brushes:

Our bamboo brushes are great for kids! The soft bristles ensure they are receiving a great brush without being harsh. Bamboo is a natural antibacterial which is a great choice for your kids daily routine.

Toothpaste for Children:

Our Toothpaste for Children is suitable for those aged between 2-7 years old. It contains the active ingredient Fluoride which will help battle early decay in your children's teeth, prevent potential cavities and strengthen their enamel. It has a mild minty flavour that will not overwhelm your children's little taste buds. With colourful packaging, you can make brushing your teeth a fun regime each morning and night and get your kids involved. Try singing your child's favourite song or Happy Birthday to ensure they are spending enough time brushing their teeth - It’s great to start these habits when they’re young!