UV Sanitiser for Sonic Toothbrush


Our UV Sanitiser for Sonic Toothbrush uses UV LED Ultraviolet technology to effectively sanitise your toothbrush, eliminating harmful bacteria. The built-in, quick-drying fan leaves your toothbrush clean and dry, making it safer to use right away.

  • Designed to Kill 99.9% bacteria in less than 5 minutes
  • UV LED Technology
  • Eliminates  bacteria
  • Quick-drying fan

Please note this product is not waterproof. It is advised not to immerse the product in water & to keep the charging inlet dry at all times to avoid fire risk.

            Rotate the cover clockwise on the UV steriliser and insert the toothbrush head into the slot. The indicator light will flash blue to show the device is working. After 5 minutes it will automatically switch off. The steriliser should be charged for 30 minutes. The red indicator light will show when charging and will turn blue once the device is fully charged.

            UV Sanitiser for Sonic Toothbrush

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            Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the product regularly

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