Whitening Strips FAQs

How often should I repeat the course of whitening strips?
This totally depends on your diet and how much tea/coffee etc you drink. Normally, we recommend repeating a full course of whitening strips every 6 months and try to top up every 3 months with generally 5 days worth.

I have a veneer/crown. Will the whitening strips whiten my teeth?
No whitening system will ever whiten veneers or crowns as they are made of porcelain. Our teeth whitening strips will whiten natural teeth but normally when a crown or veneer goes in, they are matched to the shade of the teeth around them. As you get older, your natural teeth darken a little so whitening every 6 months will brighten your natural teeth closer to the shade of the porcelain.

Can I use the whitening strips if I’m pregnant?
No, we do not recommend using the whitening strips while pregnant or breastfeeding but you can use our whitening paste, pen and mouthwash.

Will the whitening strips cause me sensitivity?
No, generally not. Higher percentages of hydrogen peroxide whitening systems that you can get at your local dentist’s may for a short time but at this low dose (less than 0.01%) sensitivity is generally not an issue. With that being said, you may have an awareness that you have had something on your teeth, but not sensitive.

Do whitening strips work?
Yes, Spotlight contains the hydrogen peroxide which is clinically proven to whiten teeth.

Which whitening strip is from the top and which is for the bottom?
The longer strip is for your top teeth and the shorter strip is for your bottom teeth

Can men wear the original whitening strips?
Both strips are formulated in the exact same way they only differ in size – Men’s strips are longer but by all means, men can wear the original strips.

Can I use the whitening strips overnight?
No, the strips are designed to be used one hour every day for two weeks

Can you use teeth whitening strips with fixed metal braces?
No, the strips have to be applied on natural teeth

I am experiencing white patches after I use whitening strips. Why is this?
These white patches are called opacities which are on the teeth naturally and may become dehydrated during any whitening process. This is completely normal. We recommend using the strips in the evening time so by morning they will fade away.

Can I use whitening strips when I’m pregnant/breastfeeding?
No, we generally do not advise pregnant or breastfeeding women to use our whitening strips. You can use our whitening toothpaste, mouthwash or pen.

Can I use your whitening strips if I have veneers/crowns, will it whiten them?
Yes, our whitening strips are safe to use with veneers and crowns. However, our strips will not whiten porcelain, only your own tooth.

Can I use your whitening strips if I have really sensitive teeth?
Yes, our whitening strips have been specifically formulated for those with sensitive teeth. The hydrogen peroxide level will ensure your teeth are whitened gradually and safely.

Can I use your whitening strips if I have Invisalign?
Yes, you can use our whitening strips for 1-hour if you take your Invisalign aligners out.

I used your whitening strips and my teeth didn’t whiten up at all, do I need a second box?
Depending on the desired result, some people may require a second box. Make sure to use our whitening toothpaste and mouthwash in conjunction with our strips, to optimise results and to avoid smoking, tea, coffee, wine and rich foods such as curries.

How many courses of whitening strips can I do in a row?
If you wish to do a second box you can. Then top up maybe once or twice a week with a strip, it depends on the individual’s diet and lifestyle.

How often would you advise to top up whitening my teeth with whitening strips?
Once or twice a week.

What age can you start using the whitening strips?
We advise people who are 18+ years to use our whitening strips. Below that age, you can use our whitening mouthwash, pen and toothpaste

I have receding gums, can I use you whitening strips?
Yes, our whitening strips are specifically designed for those with sensitive teeth or gums. Keep an eye on your gums for sensitivity, if you find they are sensitive try using our toothpaste for sensitive teeth.


Whitening Pen FAQs

How often does the whitening pen last?
Depending on how often you use it. It is ideal to be used on the go or as a top-up after your two-week whitening course.

Is the whitening pen as effective as the whitening strips?
If you’re looking to whiten your teeth, we recommend using a course of whitening strips and use the pen as a top-up or for getting rid of daily stains from tea, coffee, red wine or any dark coloured foods such as curries, chocolate or anything tomato-based.


Men’s Whitening FAQs

What is the difference between Male & Original Strips?
The shape and size of the strips have been specifically designed to cater to the anatomical differences between men and women in order to deliver the maximum impact. They are formulated the exact same way as the original strips meaning that they do contain hydrogen peroxide.


Mouthwash FAQs

How does the self filling lid work?
It has a self-filling lid, squeeze the bottle and it will dispense the correct amount of mouthwash – 10ml. Just rinse and spit out.

Why does the mouthwash have seaweed particles in it?
Seaweed is an amazing ingredient as it is a natural antibacterial.

Does the mouthwash whiten teeth?
It contains the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide which is clinically proven to whiten teeth.

I have receding gums, can I use your sonic toothbrush?
Yes, our sonic toothbrush has three different speed settings. If you find you have sensitive teeth or gums then the ‘sensitive’ speed level is perfect for you. It ensures you are receiving an effective clean without being too harsh on your gums or teeth.

Can my child use the sonic toothbrush?
Yes, kids can use the sonic toothbrush - just make sure they’re using the sensitive setting.

How long is the sonic toothbrush charging time?
Charge time is a full 15 hours for our sonic brush to ensure it lasts the 70-day battery life.

How often should I change the head of a sonic toothbrush?
We advise people to change their toothbrush head every 3 months.

What makes the sonic toothbrush any different from a regular electric toothbrush?
Our Spotlight Sonic Toothbrush has three different settings - Sensitive, Clean and White. Each has a different level of speed to ensure that you are comfortable while brushing your teeth. The high-frequency and brush movements ensure that both your toothpaste and oxygen is reaching those little spaces between your teeth that can be hard to get to. This technique ensures your teeth are receiving the best clean possible and the sonic brush does all the work for you.


Whitening Toothpaste FAQs

Can I use the whitening toothpaste as my regular toothpaste?
You can use it as your regular toothpaste as it contains fluoride which helps prevent tooth decay. It contains everything you need to protect against all of the most common dental issues along with whitening your teeth.

How often should I use the whitening toothpaste?
Use it twice daily; morning and night.

Can I use the toothpaste with the whitening strips or after my 2-week whitening course?
We recommend using our toothpaste as part of your normal oral care regime and during and after your two-week whitening course as it enhances and maintains whitening results.

I have sensitive teeth and want to whiten my teeth, will your whitening toothpaste be enough?
Our whitening toothpaste contains the active whitening ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide, the same as our whitening strips - as well as all of our other whitening products. If you are looking to primarily whiten your teeth a few shades, we would advise starting off with our whitening strips and then using our toothpaste for whitening teeth to upkeep your pearly whites.

Why does your toothpaste contain fluoride?
As dentists, we recommend the use of fluoride in your toothpaste as it is one of the only proven ingredients to reduce decay. Fluoride used twice daily has been proven to stop early decay and prevent future decay. As dentists, we recommend using toothpastes that have clinically proven active ingredients and fluoride is a key ingredient to incorporate into your oral care products.

Would you make a non-fluoride toothpaste?
No, as dentists we can only stand by a toothpaste that contains active ingredients such as fluoride as it prevents and reduces dental decay.

What age can my child use the whitening toothpaste at?
We generally advise 18+ years to use our toothpaste for whitening teeth.

I want to whiten my teeth and I have receding gums, which toothpaste should I buy?
We would advise using our Toothpaste for Gum Health and our whitening strips. You can now use our dental decoder on our website to see which products are most suitable for you - https://eu.spotlightoralcare.com/pages/dental-decoder-quiz-1

Can I use one of your adult toothpaste for my child?
Yes, our Toothpaste for Total Care is suitable for children aged 7+ years.

What are the blue particles in your whitening toothpaste made from?
They are made from hydrated silica beads.


Oral Care Hygiene FAQs

How often should I brush my teeth? Should I brush after each meal?
You should brush your teeth twice a day for 2-3 minutes at a time. You don’t need to brush your teeth after each meal but some people prefer to. If you are, be careful not to over brush or brush too harsh as this can lead to receding gums. If you are wearing metal braces, we would advise brushing your teeth after each meal.

How often should I floss?
Flossing is essentially just as important as brushing is. We should floss each day, it removes debris and food caught between your teeth that a regular toothbrush cannot reach.

I find flossing hurts, how can I help this?
Often, flossing can hurt because we are not doing it often enough! If you have inflamed or bleeding gums, you might need to start using products that contain Chlorhexidine, this active ingredient helps promote gum health. We have a Gum Health Toothpaste & Floss. If the problem persists, you should make an appointment to see your dentist, as you may require treatment.

If your gums hurt when you floss, be gentle with yourself and make it a daily habit to floss before bed and your gums should be feeling healthier in no time.

How often should I visit the dentist/hygienist?
As a rule of thumb, we advise visiting the dentists twice a year for a check up and cleaning. You should get your teeth professionally cleaned every 6 months - this time frame varies for each individual (if you have braces you will need to get your teeth cleaned more often).

I’m pregnant and my gums are sore, what can I do to help this?
While you are pregnant, hormonal changes can lead to increased bleeding and inflammation. We recommend seeing your dentist and hygienist regularly throughout your pregnancy as this is a very important time to ensure that your oral health is in good condition. One of the most common complaints while pregnant is that your gums can become inflamed, we recommend using our toothpaste for gum health and to floss twice daily.


Packaging FAQs

How is your toothpaste tube 100% recyclable?
Our toothpaste tubes are made from a byproduct of sugarcane, which is carbon negative in it’s production. When you are finished using your toothpaste, you can cut off the nozzle, clean out the inside and recycle it with your household plastics.

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