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Article: At Home Whitening

At Home Whitening

At Home Whitening

We all have more time on our hands at the moment and this has encouraged a self-care trend. It’s an opportunity to spend more time on your skincare routine, using a treatment in your hair or brightening your teeth a few shades. What’s not to love about a little more me-time?

We have noticed a trend circulating Tik Tok where people are cooking up their own ‘DIY At-Home Teeth Whitening’ solutions. This consists of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Needless to say, this is extremely damaging to your teeth - Don’t Do It!

Hydrogen peroxide is the only clinically proven ingredient that whitens teeth. As dentists, we perform teeth whitening in our clinics in a carefully controlled process. Baking soda is incredibly damaging to your gnashers. It has a gritty substance which is abrasive to your teeth. The outer layer of enamel is the lightest shade of your tooth. By wearing down this surface, it will eventually make your teeth darker in colour. 

Chose carefully and use clinically proven products that have been designed and approved by dentists. Our Teeth Whitening Strips contain a suitable amount of Hydrogen Peroxide for at-home whitening. By wearing our stips for one-hour daily for 14 days, you will gradually and safely whiten your teeth and cause minimal sensitivity. 

Our Teeth Whitening Strips comes with a FREE Toothpaste for Whitening Teeth. These are the perfect duo to kick-start your whitening process. You can whiten from home without causing any damage to your teeth by using clinically proven products that will benefit your overall oral health - it’s a win-win!