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Article: Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, encouraging people to speak openly about their mental health. Our mental health impacts everything, from our physical wellbeing to how we live our day-to-day lives so it’s so important to look after ourselves and others.

Oral health and mental health are intrinsically linked. Poor oral health can affect our confidence and our mood, while studies suggest that those with poor mental health are more at risk of tooth decay . By looking after our teeth, gums and mouth, we can give our mental and overall health a strong foundation. 

At Spotlight Oral Care, wellness is a big part of our brand essence along with physical oral hygiene. Like hair and makeup, treating yourself to an advanced oral hygiene routine will make you feel not only squeaky clean, but more confident and reassured in yourself. It’s been proven that spending more time pampering yourself triggers a series of mood boosting chemicals. Your brain will see self care as an ‘act of kindness’ and has a clever way of informing your mind that ‘you’re worth it’. Your bathroom routine is a great escape to have that ‘me’ time. 

Light a candle, have a bubble bath or use a diffuser with essential oils. You can apply our Strips for Whitening Teeth - think of it like a face mask specifically designed for your teeth whitening needs. Our products bridge the gap between wellness, healthy living and luxury. So not only will your teeth thank you, your mind will as well. Remember to discuss and share your stresses with family and friends to unload and When feeling low, you may lack the energy or enthusiasm to spend time looking after your teeth. While completing daily self-care tasks like showering or brushing your teeth may feel like a struggle, it’s important to take the time to do it. Simple self care tasks like these will help to boost your mood and reward your general health. By taking these small steps, you are telling your body that you’re worth looking after, and will feel the rewards. Our bodies carry us through so much, both physically and emotionally, so they deserve the very best of treatment. 

Top Tips for Self Care:

  • Take some time just to look after you. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with life's daily stresses, but nothing is more important than your wellbeing. Pop on your favourite face mask and our Teeth Whitening Strips for an instant at-home pamper session. 
  • Take a smartphone breather. Studies have shown that our smart devices and phones can directly impact our mood. Even by putting your phone away for 30 minutes you can help to relax and recharge. Instead, read a book, light a candle, put on your favourite meditation or podcast and just switch off. 
  • Research shows time and time again that getting fresh air and sunlight every day helps to boost serotonin levels. Head outside and breathe it in!
  • Our friendships play a key role in our mental health. FaceTime a friend or meet them for coffee to share your worries, thoughts or simply to laugh together.

It’s not always easy to talk about how we feel, but by sharing our feelings, thoughts and worries with friends and family we can lighten the load. From everyone at Spotlight Oral Care, we are sending love, positivity and motivation to everyone fighting unseen battles this Mental Health Awareness Week.