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To get rid of bad breath naturally, common suggestions include apple cider vinegar and baking soda. The bacteria that cause bad breath can’t thrive in acidic environments, and apple cider vinegar contains a natural acid called acetic acid, which is why it is often used as a natural solution to halitosis

Baking soda has been proven to help reduce the acidity of plaque fluid which builds in the mouth and causes bad breath, making baking soda a common natural bad breath remedy, too. While apple cider vinegar and baking soda may alleviate some bad breath, neither provide a healthy, effective long-term solution for halitosis. 

As dentists, we have noticed an increase in natural oral care products which we don’t recommend. Using formulations that don’t contain the essential active ingredients necessary to fight tooth decay and combat bad breath will ultimately harm your oral health and won't solve halitosis. Instead, we recommend preventing and combatting bad breath by using effective, clean, vegan-friendly, and clinically proven oral care solutions daily. 

While we don’t recommend the use of natural oral care solutions, we never promote the use of unnecessary or unsafe ingredients. Vegan-friendly formulations that don’t contain additional unnecessary ingredients like microbeads, palm oils, parabens, triclosan, DEA, and SLS are effective without harming your health. Poor oral hygiene, nicotine and alcohol use, tooth decay, and periodontal disease are all causes of bad breath that must be targeted to alleviate halitosis for good. Bad breath should be taken seriously and treated accordingly.

Cure For Bad Breath

Maintain Good Oral Health

When good daily oral hygiene is not maintained, bacteria that form on the teeth, gums, and in the mouth release a gas when they come into contact with food. This gas smells unpleasant and is a sign that halitosis is occurring. Natural solutions like baking soda, apple cider vinegar, or natural toothpaste are not effective or safe alternatives to maintaining a good oral care routine. Brush teeth and gums daily for 2 minutes each time using a Sonic Toothbrush and active ingredient toothpaste, floss with a Water flosser of dental floss dipped in active ingredients, and use an alcohol-free, active ingredient mouthwash daily to help combat the bacteria that cause halitosis.

Our Bad Breath Kit includes toothpaste for gum health, foaming mouthwash for bad breath and bad breath spray - everything you need to combat bad breath. 

When gums and teeth are clean and healthy, bad breath can be managed and alleviated. It is essential that good oral care is maintained daily to prevent, alleviate and cure bad breath. 

Use Active Ingredients 

Natural oral care solutions have become increasingly popular over the last number of years but without the essential active ingredients necessary to combat bacteria and oral health issues, these natural solutions are ineffective. When treating bad breath specifically, active ingredients play a vital role, working to protect tooth and gum health and preventing halitosis. Your toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental floss formulas should always contain clean, clinically proven, active ingredients like Fluoride and Chlorhexidine which are clinically proven to combat and target bad breath. 

Prescriptive, Targeted Oral Care 

Everyone’s oral care needs and concerns are individual, so using generic oral care solutions is not sufficient when treating specific issues like bad breath. Effectively target halitosis or bad breath by using oral care solutions that have been clinically formulated to combat the causes of bad breath. The more prescriptive your oral care solutions are, the better results you will see in your oral health. These formulations will include active ingredients but should never include ingredients that are harmful to your health. Make sure that the oral care solutions you choose never contain sulphates, microbeads, palm oils, parabens, triclosan, DEA, and SLS which can harm both your oral health and overall health. 

Avoid Nicotine Use

Smoking causes the mouth to dry out and can cause gum disease, so avoiding nicotine use is one of the best ways to stop halitosis and bad breath from occurring. If you smoke, make sure you maintain a good daily oral care routine and visit your dentist regularly to help fight bad breath and gum disease, both of which are common side effects of smoking. 

Avoid Certain Foods & Drinks

One of the main causes of temporary halitosis is bad breath-causing foods and drinks. Foods like garlic and onion, tinned fish, and acidic foods can cause bad breath, while alcohol and coffee can dehydrate the mouth and affect saliva production. This kind of bad breath is easy to alleviate through brushing, mouthwash, staying hydrated, or simply by avoiding the foods and drinks that result in halitosis.  

Regular Dental Check-Ups

While many bad breath causes can be solved with at-home prescriptive oral care, persistent or prolonged bad breath, tooth decay smell or rotten tooth smell may be signs of more serious oral health issues. These issues can not be solved with at-home oral care and should be examined and treated by a dentist. Visit your dentist every 6 months to ensure your overall oral health is maintained. 

Oral Health Education

At Spotlight Oral Care, our goal is to educate you on your oral health, help you to identify your oral health goals, and then achieve them by using our prescriptive oral care solutions. Your oral health needs are as individual as you are, so don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all oral care routine. Our clean, clinically proven, active ingredient-infused formulations have been created specifically to treat your oral care concerns and we are on hand to make sure you get the most from your smile.