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Thanks to its clinically proven, safe, and effective properties, Hydroxyapatite is one of the active ingredients we use in our oral care range. You may have seen searches for hydroxyapatite toothpaste in the UK

What is Hydroxyapatite?

Hydroxyapatite, also referred to as hydroxylapatite, is a naturally occurring mineral form of calcium apatite with the chemical formula Ca₅(PO₄)₃. Hydroxyapatite is a form of the calcium mineral that your body can use to repair itself. Hydroxyapatite is what tooth enamel is made from. 

What is Hydroxyapatite Used In/For?

Hydroxyapatite is used in orthopaedic and dental implant coating, the restoration of periodontal defects and as a remineralising agent in toothpaste. Hydroxyapatite is used as an active ingredient in our Spotlight Toothpaste for Rebuilding Teeth to remineralise and replenish lost enamel. 

What Are The Effects Of Hydroxyapatite?

Used along with other active ingredients, Hydroxyapatite is used in Spotlight Oral Care products including our Toothpaste for Rebuilding Teeth to help to strengthen and rebuild tooth enamel and reverse early enamel erosion and enamel loss.

Hydroxyapatite is what tooth enamel is made from. So using it in your toothpaste helps to  reduce erosion due to indigestion and vomiting which is common during pregnancy

Knowing that our mouths are 50 times more absorbent than our skin means using only the best high-quality, clean, active and effective ingredients in our oral care products is vital. You will never find harmful ingredients like propylene glycol, triclosan, sulphates, palm oils, parabens DEA, SLS, BPA or Phthalates in our oral care solutions.