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What you use as part of your daily oral care routine really matters. That's why it's important to know and understand what ingredients are in your oral care products. Propylene Glycol is an unnecessary ingredient and has the potential to harm human health, so it should never be found in your oral care or personal care routine. 

What is Propylene Glycol?

Propylene Glycol is a synthetic liquid substance that absorbs water. It belongs to the same chemical group as alcohol and it is odorless, colourless, and miscible with a broad range of solvents, including water, acetone, and chloroform.

What is Propylene Glycol Used In/For?

Propylene Glycol is most commonly used as a food additive or wetting agent as It helps to preserve moisture as well as dissolve colours and flavours. It is used as a wetting agent in some toothpastes and can also be found in medications, food, antifreeze, and cosmetics.

What Are The Effects Of Propylene Glycol?

As one of the active components in antifreeze, this is definitely not something you want in your mouth. Propylene Glycol has been proven safe by the FDA, however many studies have shown that prolonged contact could lead to potential brain, liver, and kidney abnormalities. 

Knowing that our mouths are 50 times more absorbent than our skin means ensuring we use Propylene Glycol-free formulations for our oral care is vital. At Spotlight Oral Care, we use only the highest quality clean, active ingredients. You will never find Propylene Glycol as a wetting agent or additive in any of our oral care solutions, which are also free from triclosan, sulphates, palm oils, parabens DEA, SLS, BPA, and Phthalates.