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Thanks to its clinically proven, safe, and effective properties, Sodium Phosphate is one of the active ingredients we use in our oral care range. 

What is Sodium Phosphate?

Sodium Phosphate is a variety of salts of sodium (Na+) and phosphate (PO43−). Most of these salts are known in water-free and hydrated forms. 

What is Sodium Phosphate Used In/For?

Sodium Phosphate is used as an emulsifier and thickening agent. It is also used as a leavening agent to control the pH balance of processed foods. In toothpaste, this active ingredient is used to protect the tooth enamel from bacteria. Sodium Phosphate is used as an active ingredient in our Mouthwash for Decay to combat decay. 

What Are The Effects Of Sodium Phosphate?

In our Mouthwash for Decay, used alongside other active ingredients including Fluoride, Sodium Phosphate works protect tooth enamel from bacteria. 

Knowing that our mouths are 50 times more absorbent than our skin means using only the best high-quality, clean, active and effective ingredients in our oral care products is vital. You will never find harmful ingredients like propylene glycol, triclosan, sulphates, palm oils, parabens DEA, SLS, BPA or Phthalates in our oral care solutions.